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Come in for a tyre check free of charge!
Possibly save yourself 3 points and £2500 fine!
We fit affordable, suitable and safe tyres!
Tyres range from as little as £27.50+VAT!

For pricing and information please fill out form out at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible if not ring 01227 749595.
UNEVEN wearing on tyre is when a tyre has more wear on one side of the tyre (as you can see in the video on the right hand side below)- either inner edge or outer edge. This tend to happen by the tracking of the wheels to be out. We carry out laser wheel alignment for £21.00 + VAT.

4 wheel alignment tracking

UNDER INFLATED tyres, when a tyre is under inflated over a long period of time, the tyres starts to wear on the outer edge as the tyre is not getting the pressure it needs to have a even wear pattern. To avoid this check tyre pressures often and come in fr a free tread check when ever you like! You can never be to concerned when it comes to your tyre! eg. below picture.

Tyre Herne Bay York Road

OVER INFLATED tyres, The opposite to the under inflated, where the tread will perish down the middle of the tyre and give the shape an abnormal shape. Tyre pressures should be checked often to help give even wearing pattern on the tyre. eg. picture below.

Tyre Herne Bay York Road


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